ProMan Strategies


With roots in manufacturing technology development and program management that go back to 1992, ProMan Strategies brings extraordinary experience and expertise to our clients. We partner with you to lead programs and projects, develop and execute strategies, facilitate teamwork, and conduct industry studies and analysis to support your mission.

We specialize in helping clients with programs and projects to develop and scale up new manufacturing technologies and capabilities that bring game-changing improvements in cost, performance, and quality. We work with clients to 
​re-invigorate U. S. manufacturing in order to create good jobs, improve the economy, and maintain the robust industrial base needed for our national security.  Our team is making a real impact in accelerating research and adoption of advanced manufacturing technologies.

"ProMan" comes from the first three letters in the words "Program Management," which is what we do best...and from "Progressing Manufacturing," which is why we do it.  Look at the "Services" tab for case studies on how ProMan Strategies can help you.

Program Management • Progressing Manufacturing = ProMan